Transparent Frame with active glass technology


HoPro 270


Exceptional. Innovative. Awesome. By using innovative technologies we create spatial image sensation that leaves a lasting impression.

No matter what message you are trying to transmit – we will find the optimal solution and will broadcast it in Full HD 3D images and animation.

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HoPro 180


This is one sided holographic display that show visualizations in front side. The bigger hologram working area, the bigger impact to the customer. Perfect for retail stores and POS.

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HoPro Z, 10.1

Lightweight. Small. Z.

Designed for store shelves and other places for small products such as jewelry, cosmetics, beauty products. Especially thin design combined with stunning 3D hologram lets you outstand from the crowd and win in store battle.

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Transparent Frame

With active glass technology.

It is a completely new way to interact with your audience. Perfect for museums,  art galleries, retail. Can be from 22 to 65 Inch size.

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